NBE (Non-Biological Entity) An open source, low cost, feature packed Robotics and Vision Lab on Wheels

We are developing an opensource low cost, multi-sensor, robust and modular research platform; the NBE (acronym for Non Biological Entity). Its utilizes Microsoft Kinect™, Android™ and Robot Operating System (ROS), and multiple other sensors, and is geared towards academia to provide students (from high school students all the way up to post graduates scholars) the ability to acquire hands on experience and implement their designed algorithms on an actual mobile robot.

Key Features include:

  • OpenSource ROS package and Android application for easy control and access to all sensors, drive controller, RGB-D / Pointcloud data.
  • Easy access to parts/components such as battery pack, drive controller, vision system (stereo cameras & Kinect) alongwith all on-board sensors/electronics to allow painless swapping and hacking.
  • Modifiable and updateable drive controller allowing testing of novel control, navigation, obstacle avoidance and collision Detection algorithms.
  • Rapidly implement, test and analyse computer vision, machine learning algorithms via integration of Matlab and ROS on any laptop connected to the Robot.
  • Space onboard to connect laptop; allowing unrestricted movement while testing algorithms.
  • Rugged.Modular.chassis based design with easy assembly/disassembly enabling students to tinker around with hardware.
  • Aesthetically designed user friendly high-end version also available.